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Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

FG Series

The FG Series is the foundation of Yamaha acoustic guitar covering from premium to standard lines to offer a higher level of expression for every singer-songwriter.


Invite music into your life with the stylish and inspiring STORIA series – guitars that reflect your personal style and inspire creativity at a glance.


The Yamaha Transacoustic Guitar recreates that incredible experience without needing any external amplification or effects just the guitar itself. It’s the most inspiring, engaging acoustic guitar you’ve ever played.

A Series

The Yamaha A Series takes your acoustic performance to the next level with dynamic, natural amplified tone; a refined, powerful acoustic voice and outstanding playability.

L Series

Where art and craftsmanship become one. Handcrafted from the finest materials by a select group of master craftsmen, each instrument is a work of art

APX Guitars

The APX series places emphasis on playability with a stylish thin-line profile and slim neck which ensure the performance experience is perfect.

Teton Guitars

There's a Teton Guitar for Every Type of Player

A Teton Guitar is right for you no matter your skill level because even our entry-level guitars are built to the highest industry standards. Each series builds upon the previous offering additional wood, size, shape, color, and electronic options to find the guitar that suits your needs.

10 Series

Welcome to the 10 Series! If you are new to guitar or Teton, then this is the perfect place to start. These guitars have a solid spruce top with layered mahogany back and sides. Our idea was to create the least expensive guitar that we could without sacrificing build quality. The results are shocking. These instruments are some of the most resonant and bright-sounding guitars that we produce.

Standard Series

Our Standard Series is the perfect place to start your journey with Teton. This is where it began for us 12 years ago. The perfect blend of choice tonewoods are used along with our highly praised build quality. The results are professional grade instruments that won’t break the bank. 

Hybrid Top Series

Our Hybrid Top guitars are a very special breed that combines an solid spruce top with an exotic wood veneer. The result is a guitar that has an amazing look at an affordable price plus a solid top. It’s a win, win in our book.

Exotic Series

Built upon the foundation of the Standard Series, the Exotic Series takes beautifully crafted handmade guitars to a new level. Pairing exotic and unique woods with classic solid tonewood tops these one-of-a-kind guitars breed creativity. Artists can choose a wood, color, pattern, and sound that connects them at a higher level than current industry offerings. 

All-Solid Series

This is it! Welcome to the summit of Teton Guitars. The All Solid Series gives players the highest quality of acoustic guitars at an offering unmatched by any of its class. Premium quality solid wood tops, backs, and sides make these guitars masters of tone. Their unique ‘X’ bracing boosts amplification and resonance. Being expertly crafted for increased dynamic response, the All Solid Series guitars are the ideal companion to artists looking to get more from their instrument.