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The heritage of our Ritmüller brand goes back 225 years; today Ritmüller’s craftsmanship and attention to detail offer the ultimate piano playing experience. Our Kayserburg pianos are handmade, with no compromise in material or process, by a team of Pearl River’s most experienced craftsmen. No matter which instrument comes out of our state-of-the-art factory, the goal Pearl River has been and will continue to be, to exceed our customer’s expectations by building the best pianos in the world.


By adopting a unique bending structure design, which eases conduction for rapidity and accuracy, our bass bridges reduce the energy consumption during the vibration of the strings, while enriching the overall sound effect.

The foundation of a piano is the plate whose strength supports the incredible tension placed by the strings on the instrument. Ritmüller uses the finest quality pig iron, named after its shape after being melted in foundries then poured into wet sand molds. Ritmüller relies on this method for every piano we make. Wet sand-cast plates provide more mass for strength, and do not produce undesirable harmonic feedback like vacuum processed plates.

The action of a classical double hammer rest rail structure ensures that the hammer shanks can lean on the hammer rest rail more accurately and safely while reducing pedal sound and meeting the criteria for the pianist who performs complex music compositions.

With over 8,000 moving parts, the wood used in a piano must be seasoned to ensure reliability in its ultimate destination. Ritmüller uses only state-of-the-art kilns to dry our wood. Because the process of seasoning must also reduce the natural tendency for wood to swell and contract with humidity, our wood is expertly cured to specific moisture content before and after the kiln drying.

Hand-selected for color and grain, our new tapered design soundboard evenly distributes the strings vibrations creating a smoother, warmer sound.

As the source of a piano’s voice, the careful selection of wood and the design of its soundboard are critical. Ritmüller 100% close-grained spruce tapered soundboards allow for improved flexibility to create a greater dynamic range and improved sustain.

A tuning pin that has been manufactured by a stamping machine creates an unreliable means of keeping a piano in tune. Ritmüller relies on only cut-thread tuning pins that produce a superior thread that gives the technician precise control and longer-lasting tuning.

Because of Ritmüller’s advanced frame design and classic sand-casting technology our new iron frames possess exceptionally strong tensile strength and bending resistance, which adds to the piano’s overall stability and helps to eliminate undesirable harmonic feedback unlike vacuum process plates. Typically used by other piano builders only in their most expensive models, Ritmüller relies on sand-casting method for every piano we make.

Rather than less costly “select hardwoods” found in consumer-grade pianos, Ritmüller uses only the best woods for each application in every piano we make.

Our grand piano rims are made from Beech, a dense hardwood used in the world’s finest pianos, which results in a warmer, richer tone with longer sustain. Bridges and pin-blocks are crafted from rock maple, and our tapered soundboards are crafted from close-grained, high-quality northern spruce.

Hammer cores made from rare mahogany offer stable performance under heavy use allowing for rich expression during concerts and performances.

A Tradition Begun in 1795 Lives On For Pianists Today

From the moment the first key was pressed 225 years ago, the demand for perfection has never relented. Today we are proud to offer examples of that devotion to the art of piano building with the finest instruments to carry the Ritmüller name.

Ritmüller Superior

Designed to provide the finest in touch and tone for the pure Ritmüller experience.

Ritmüller Premium

Unmistakable in its design, unique in its sound, this is the ultimate Ritmüller.

Prodigy Player Pianos

Now playing an acoustic piano is enhanced with technology that plays it for you.

Born in Germany, Respected Worldwide

The Ritmüller tradition of fine piano building stretches back to 1795 when Gottlieb Wilhelm Ritmüller began one of the first piano factories in Germany. Over the years, the business passed down from father to son as it earned a reputation as Europe’s most innovative piano manufacturer, and the instrument favored by 19th-century composers, including Johannes Brahms.

The Ritmüller GH275R Concert Grand Piano, proudly introduced at NAMM 2020.